The SWAG in SehWAG!

Okay! So now, Sehwag finally retires huh? Okay he did that twice yesterday.

For those who missed the action, Sehwag was at a promotional even for Masters Champions League in Dubai where he hinted at retiring from international cricket as the franchise based tournament only allows retired players to take part.

And then, it just flows. As it always does, the Indian Media spread it across stating he has retired.

Some 15 mins later, we receive yet another statement by Sehwag stating the rumours aren't to be believed, he's just considering to retire! The media goes mad again.

So everything settles down, when finally this happens! Sehwag says that he will announce retirement after getting back to India. Love for the nation till the end is see.

My question is what's the point? How does it even matter? Anyways you announced it the next day! Anyways, he has his own style of doing things, doesn't he?

Let's move on. That's what this article is really about! What sets him apart from the rest? What makes him so special? Basically the SWAG in SehWAG

Anyways, let's move on. Sehwag, what do you recall when you hear the name? Probably a monstrous hit over the bowler's head, or maybe a cool and calm yet intelligent cricketer always trying to break apart the bowler?

While concluding his statement in the press conference he quoted, 

"I also want to thank everyone for all the cricketing advice given to me over the years and I apologise for not accepting most of it! I had a reason for not following it; I did it my way!"

What do you take out from it? Clearly he is a man who believes in himself right? It shows a fearless character, someone who never doubts himself! Such is the story of Virender Sehwag! 

He once said, " I was batting on 291 at Chepauk, against South Africa. I told Paul Harris: 'Come round the wicket and first ball I'll hit you for a six.' He accepted my challenge and the very first ball I hit him for a straight six, and there was a long-off, long-on, deep midwicket and a deep point. I was so tired and he was bowling on the pads and I was getting bored. So rather than spending 10-15 minutes to get to the triple-century I gave him good advice."

Now, you know who is Virender Sehwag really!

A problem he faced was the lack of technical approach to the game that led to a lot of criticism. But, he can answer that too! 

"Boycott can say what he wants. He once batted the whole day and hit just one four." On Geoff Boycott, who had described him as "talented but brainless".

He can really deal with anyone! 

Photo Source: I really have to thank my friend Garima Srivastava for this picture, she's great at this stuff. Follow her at- Garry Loves Cricket :

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