A Trivial Achievement.

Another win! I won the first prize at an inter collegiate science exhibition.

Winning the 1st prize at the Techno Science Galaxy exhibition organised by St. Andrews College, Bandra was special. This will be a brief post as I will discuss Aeroponics and the previous exhibition in detail in the coming blog posts.

I had just appeared for my SAT on Decmeber 5, a few days ago. Previously, I had won the first prize for my project 'Aeroponics' at Vidya Vikas Universal College. Aeroponics is a technique that enables us to grow plants without soil. Using intricate machinery and latest technology, it can cater to our needs and help in eradicating the problem of food crisis in our country. 

After winning the trophy there, I was motivated and determined to transform it into a working model. The judges at Vidya Vikas College suggested the idea and told me to try and convert it into a fully working model. 

In whatever little time I got in the gap between two competitions, I developed it into a working model. 

At St. Andrews College, the judges from the premier institutes of the country were impressed by my efforts along with my partner and took interest in learning about our modification when compared to traditional Aeroponics. 

With judges coming from IIT Bombay, ICT and other renowned institutes, I felt a bit nervous at the start but later when I explained the concept to them, I was confident of winning it.

This was one good experience, looking at the other projects, I can say this country has come a long way. India as a nation is developing and will soon become a super power.

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