Why David Warner Is The Most Badass Cricketer Ever

Rags to Riches: From packing shelves for $12 an hour to earning $4-million a year. 

Apart from the fact that he punched Joe Root in a bar, here's why Aussie cricketer, David Warner is the most badass cricketer ever!

Growing up in Matraville, his parents lived a simple life without any luxuries. Now, Warner has ensured that they will never have to work a day in their life.

“You will be good at nothing when you grow up.”

His teacher's words when Warner was ranked 34th in a class of 44 students. That 17-year old lad never looked back and kept going.

“I practiced what I knew best and that was Cricket.”

Today, he is one of Australia's best batsman and a smart investor!

From packing shelves at $12 an hour, Warner now makes over $4 million a year!

DAVID also became the first Australian cricketer to be selected for a national team in 132 years with no first-class cricket experience!

He has also been praised for his wealth management skills. He bought Lamborghini Huracan for $450,000 and a house for $6.25 million later selling it for over $7 million.

He has a $2 million per year contract with Cricket Australia and his contract with Sun Risers Hyderabad got him $1.1 million, playing for 2 months in the IPL.

Warner also earns a royalty from his brand Kaboom, by trademarking it for many products like sporting goods, clothing, toys etc, association with other brands and his social media reach.

Not only that, he has many projects off the field including three properties, six race horses, a vodka line and a book range for children. 

He is set to become Australia’s richest ever cricketer and is on track to have an empire worth more than $50 million before he is 40. 

Well played, Dave!

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