Deep Mehta

Being a tech enthusiast, I love to surround myself with technology and people involved with technology


Masters of Science

Jan 2021 - Dec 2022

New York University

  • Pursuing MS in Computer Science at NYU - Courant
  • Relevant Courses: Artificial Intelligence, Heuristics, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing
  • CGPA: 3.76 / 4.0


Aug 2016 - Oct 2020

Mumbai University

  • Bachelors in Computer Engineering
  • CGPA: 8.27 / 10.0

Work Experience

Technical Blogger

November 2020 - Present

byteiota | From Bits to Bytes

  • Founder and Co-Founder of the blog
  • Authored more than 15 blogs related to Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
  • Implemented thorough SEO, attracting over 100k search impressions and 80% organic visitors monthly
  • Ranks among Top 3 Google Search Results for particular keywords with the average position of 16

Freelance Software Developer

March 2019 - December 2020


  • Collaborated closely with Spinnable ā€“ a Philippines based start-up ā€“ to streamline the use of Face Recognition for security purposes using more than 300 IP Cameras throughout a Smart City
  • Designed, developed and integrated a Personal Assistant standalone for Humanoid Robot simulated using CopelliaSim in a team of three
  • Developed an artificial video with fake face swap using DeepFaceLab 2.0 to illustrate the ease of unethical utilization of Computer Vision due to the extensive rise in its research and accessibility to common-users

Technical Lead

Jan 2020 - July 2020


  • Worked with an education start-up that aims to provide quality information regarding schools in Maharashtra
  • Developed an E-Commerce website, "Artifacts" for taking a heritage business of paintings and arts to an online platform
  • Designed and Consulted on a hackathon project: "Deforestation Detection using Satellite Images"

What Iā€™m good at?

My skill-set grouped as per domains, in no specific order
I'm an ever-learning person, so by the time you're reading this, I already have few more stuffs to add in this section.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Tensorflow, Keras, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Scikit Learn, Deep Learning, Numpy, Pandas

Web Development and Databases

Backend: Flask, Django, PHP
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax
Database: MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite

Soft Skills

Team Leader, Fluent Communicator, Confident Presenter and Speaker, Great Project Management Skills, Problem Sovler

Other Skills

Data Structures, Algorithms, Efficient Writing Skills, Strong Applied Mathematics
Multimedia Tools: Photoshop, Audacity, Vegas


This section showcases my technical blog -
Along with being the Founder of byteiota, I enjoy reading and writing tech blogs.

A Complete Introduction to Natural Language Processing

In this series, we introduce our readers to the basic concepts of Natural Language Processing. The series covers all the 5 stages of NLP with practical code snippets using NLTK. We further plan to add real world applications of NLP.

Face Recognition using Python, OpenCV and One-shot Learning

Face Recognition refers to identifying a face and verifying the person in a given image. Build a Face Recognition System using OpenCV and One-Shot Training.

Object Detection Model Using Tensorflow

A complete guide on how to train a custom Object Detector. The tutorial builds a Face Mask Detector using dataset from Kaggle and uses Tensorflow Object Detection API, with Tensorflow 2.